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    About us

    YNA... Its Genesis...

    YNA New York was born out of two minds exploring new possibilities.

    YNA New York is a Made-in-New-York clothing brand which focuses on Luxury loungewear. We specialize in creating timeless garments with an emphasis on fit, intricate detailing, and practicality in our designs. Our brand takes inspiration from men’s tailored garments conjugating both masculine and feminine elements which births a casual elegant style.
    Our vision is to design pieces that fulfill a minimalist lifestyle by creating a matrix of interchangeable and intercorrelated pieces that can easily transition from day to evening.
    This interchangeable-matrix design gives our customers the ability to mix and match our designs with the other pieces, thus creating a minimalist closet, with great versatility. It also allows for lighter travel to blend with the unencumbered lifestyle of our customers.

    Both of its founders, Ralph Montague and Yanira Araujo are New York natives.

    Yanira Araujo, Co-Founder, CDO

    My Story

    Ralph Montague, CEO-Founder

    Ralph Montague migrated to New York City as a young teenager; he has lived here his entire life. He is described by his closest friends as a man with a restless entrepreneurial spirit.
    Unlike his business partner, Ralph's over-developed sense of pragmatism devoid him of a sense of style, and a sense of fashion; but for a man who's mind is ``Semper Explorans`` new ideas, new visions, and new possibilities, this is the least of his worries.
    Ralph's primary background is in the pure sciences: mathematics, chemistry, physics, logic, and philosophy. His entire educational background is in the field of engineering: electronics, mechanical, and computer science. He further his education into accounting, finance, taxation, investments, and political science.
    He has owned more than a dozen successful businesses over a span of 30 years.
    He handles the day-to-day business operations and business decisions for YNA New York, as well as the international business development his other companies.

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