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    The Alquemia - Calcination Dress

    The Alquemia-Calcination dress is a breathtakingly sensuous, silk charmeuse black dress like, those usually found in the culmination of fairy tale stories. Made of 100% silk charmeuse, designed with pleaded side-panels and made from performance power-mesh. The Alquemia-Calcination Dress with its adjustable laced back will contour itself to your desired shape.

    black dress

    The Alquemia - Conjunction Shirt

    The Alquemia-Conjunction Shirt is made of 100% Silk Charmeuse. This shirt is carefully crafted and sized on a men-tailored scale. It’s designed to fall on your skin like the fluidity of water. The Alquemia-Conjunction Shirt wraps itself softly on your body, held together by high-quality gun-metal press-buttons. It derives its elegant uniqueness from wide plackets elongated that playfully over-extend themselves over your legs.


    The Alquemia - Absolution Jacket

    The Alquemia-Absolution Jacket constructed out of 100% Silk Georgette, was created to be softer than your sleepwear clothing. The opacity produced from the silk georgette allows a see-through effect into the underneath layer, giving you a peak into the foundations of this garment. The finishing touches is what makes this piece unique, with gunmetal press buttons and asymmetrical lengths.


    The Alquemia - Dissolution Trousers

    The Alquemia-Dissolution Pants are color-block, made from a high-performance mixed-spandex fabric which allows for a flexible and comfortable fit. Among its unique qualities, are its straight leg design, and a gusset insert in the crotch area that allows for more comfort while sitting and walking. These pants are high-waist, closed by an Invisible zipper.


    The Alquemia - Ebullition Corset

    The Alquemia-Ebullition Corset is created to adhere to your body. It’s made out of a power-mesh net that provides breathability and firm support for the display of a lean silhouette. The intricacy of the corset is what makes this item special, its pleated panels and laced back closure convey a delicate and powerful feminine aura.

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